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      1. No indeed it is a world effort with every country leader involved nationally and internationally year to year.

      1. A combined world wide authority made up of half the world leaders year to year is in control, like that of a world government. The WWA will create the world systems to be implemented by the nations worldwide.

    1. The WWR is the principle recording, storage, and duplication (vault) system. All the national registrars (of all the worlds peoples), all world assets, property and businesses are held on record. It is controlled by the WWA the worldwide Authority, being the leaders of half of the counrties of the world one year, and the other half on the next year…ongoing

    2. As mentioned the WWA consisting of half the world leaders(approx. 100) will govern one year and the other half of national leaders the next… ongoing year to year

    Thank you Mother Nature/The Universe for this world
    our wonderful planet Earth.
    Please help us All to work together
    peacefully and with tolerance,
    so we can secure our world
    and protect this planet, Earth …
    Furthermore, also may we continue to
    expand our knowledge,
    explore the universe,
    and ensure the future of humanity.
    With Love we thank you

  2. A: Firstly a global citizenship law would be in place enabling all people to live and work where they choose. Also State Benefits of; Food, Housing,and Education would be available upon arrival. A world Healthcare system will be in place and all people will be registered on National and a worldwide registrar WWR. Please read Booklet $1 for further info…

  3. The current world economic system is old, outdated and runs on old world systems that are not relevant anymore. The good to come out of our old economic systems is the precise methods of Recording, Storing, and Securing of DATA. Capitalism has run its course. We now have the digital technology to have a ‘file’ on every person on Earth, and the ways and means of doing ALL transactions digitally. The need for cash and world debt is over. We can now implement world systems without financial limits and ‘Standardize’ the countries of the world…

  4. So, what happens to the sick & the vulnerable – no state benefits? Euthanasia perhaps?

    🙂 People in laissez-faire societies are still resisting (& dismantling) existing social democratic policies – equating them with ‘communism’ 😉 – so I doubt the western world will willingly accept what is essentially a global, digitised, totalitarian state at this time. Mainstream western societies aren’t psychologically primed for it – unless it’s to be enforced – and that would be disastrous. What’s the philosophy behind it?

    John Rawls posed a classic question – the answer is there somewhere

    Have you looked at the thought experiment : Original Position (OP)

    & the ‘state of nature’ & the social contract?

    1. Hi RC the basic philosophy here is to cover the basic needs of every human on Earth.
      This is now being made possible in this digital era.
      Both capitalism and socialism have destroyed the planet and made the working class slaves. Political globalism must now supersede both not as a totalitarian state but democratically voted worldwide with a global digital party in every country.
      The digital unit system implemented by a united global governance would enable AI world systems without budgetary constraints as is the problem now with governments worldwide.

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